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February 2018


Random Acts of Kindness Day

By | Recipes

 Random Acts of Kindness Day Did you know that today (17th February) is Random Acts of Kindness Day? Acts come in two categories, the ones you plan and the one that move you in the moment, mine is planned as I will be making scones and taking them over to…

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Flipping Heck – Pancake Day

By | News, Recipes

Pancake Day really does crépe up on you… forgive the pun I couldn’t help myself…   With ‘Pancake Day’ looming it’s got me thinking.  Why did this tradition start, what does it mean, and why do we all love a pancake? Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the traditional feast…

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Looks fancy!

Can Baking Make You Happier?

By | News

Can Baking make you happier? I’ll start with a caveat, I am not a doctor!! But what I do know is losing yourself in an afternoon of baking can lift your mood and it doesn’t have to be the whole afternoon. Brownies can be ready in 25 minutes, pancakes in…

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