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Homemade Bread on a Rainy Day

By 27th January 2016Recipes
Butternut & Chilli

What is it about rainy days that makes me want to head straight to the kitchen? Storm Jonas is battering the kitchen window and I am all cosy inside making bread and soup.  It feels right. The smell of bread baking is hard to beat and the taste of homemade soup even more so. A perfect combination for a winter’s day.

The bread is proving, I’m making wholemeal.  It’s a basic recipe that I have used for years. 500g wholemeal flour, a sachet of fast action yeast, salt, 300m warm water and 2 tablespoon of oil.  I used to use olive oil but now I am a big fan of rape seed oil. Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix, add the water and oil ad mix into a dough. Turn the dough out on a lightly floured surface and knead for about 5 minutes. Oil a loaf tin and press the dough in it and let it prove.  I put mine in the warm airing cupboard or you may have a proving drawer in your oven.  Either way keep it warm and not hot.  I cover mine with a clean t towel or you might want to put it in a big plastic bag.  Whatever works for you. Proving will take about an hour, when it’s ready but it in a preheated oven at 180 and bake for about 30=35 minutes.

While the bread is proving I made butternut squash and chilli soup, and other favourite in the Blue Moose Kitchen, and easy.  I am all about easy some days. Sweat finely chopped onions and chilli in a big pan, roast the butternut squash, add the butternut to the onions, add stock, blitz, and serve.  It could not be easier.

It’s going to go so well with the bread. Perfect for a lovely warming lunch for those who had to go out to work outside today!