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Baking in your caravan

By 27th March 2018News

Baking in Your Caravan

It’s almost Easter, which here in Cumbria means we see an increase in caravans and motorhomes coming to The Lake District National Park, a new UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you may be one of them. Born and bred in this fantastic, dramatic, stunning part of the world, I can see the appeal. If you have never been then you should and if you are a regular visitor, you will know that sometimes it rains! All part of the experience.

But regardless of where you holiday in your caravan or motorhome, this may be for you.

Rustling up a meal in a caravan isn’t impossible and with a small degree of forward planning there should be no need to survive on beans and burnt sausages – unless of course you like beans and burnt sausages!!!

What if all you have is a hob?

Keeping everyone Entertained

Keeping the kids interested in anything other than their phones can be tricky, even more so when you find yourself in a caravan or motorhome on a rainy day. What you need is an activity that they can get involved with. At home, you might get them in the kitchen to help with baking, so why not do the same in your caravan? Note that I’ve been in a caravan – and a motorhome come to that – and there isn’t a whole load of space, and not always an oven! You might be thinking of abandoning the whole baking idea but taking a couple of the Blue Moose Kits along may well be the answer.

Rocky Road

With the Rocky Road Kit, you don’t need an oven but you do need a fridge. The  Kit is complete, you don’t need anything extra – it even comes with the tray to put it in. Simply melt the three kinds of Belgium chocolate (white, dark and milk), crush the biscuits and add everything else from the box into the melted chocolate, pour in the tray and pop in the fridge to set.

rocky road kid

Cartoon courtesy of  http://www.shelbourn.com


Now let’s talk breakfast. Yes, toast and cornflakes will do the job but it’s hardly a holiday treat. Why not get some pancakes on the go? Our American Style Pancake Mix is perfect for those creative mornings. The kits come with a silicon mould; you can choose from a heart, a skull or a rabbit!! And, of course, pure Canadian Maple Syrup. You can pimp it up with blueberries and cream or bacon – whatever takes your fancy. The moulds can be used to create unusually shaped fried eggs, put egg yolks in the skull sockets and fill the rest with the whites, same with the rabbits. Lots of fun to be had before you even get out of your pyjamas.