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Cook in a Moderate Oven

By 31st January 2016News

Baking is an exact science. You hear that a lot. And for the most part this is true. Follow a recipe and you will get results, not always the results you want, just look at the some of these epic fails!
But I digress. For all the talk of being accurate what do you do when the recipe says things like, “cook in a moderate oven” What does that mean! Trouble is that means 4 different things depending whether you are cooking on gas, need Celsius, Fahrenheit or you have a fan oven. Then there can be variations with your specific oven, and where you place the rack. Too high and you may burn your biscuits, using the wrong baking tray may also have an effect. The thermostat may be wrong (if you suspect this then get an oven thermometer) No wonder there can be confusion.
Let’s start with tackling the temperature conversion of a fan oven. The temperature is usually set
25 degrees lower in Celsius and 50 degrees lower in Fahrenheit, cooking time is also reduced by 10 minutes for every hour of cooking. Sorted.

So back to the Moderate Oven. That generally means gas mark 4, 180 in Celsius, and 350 in Fahrenheit. But as you can see from the conversion chart it can be gas mark 5, 375F or 190C.
In my world is Gas mark 4, if it all getting too much, watch the clip again and rejoice in the fact that we are all human


Gas Mark Fahrenheit Celsius Description
1/4 225 110 Very cool
1/2 250 130 Very Cool
1 275 140 Cool
2 300 150 Cool
3 325 160 Very Moderate
4 350 180 Moderate
5 375 190 Moderate
6 400 200 Moderately Hot
7 425 220 Hot
8 450 230 Hot
9 475 240 Very Hot