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Blue Moose Spotted in Downing Street

By 26th January 2018News

Let’s start with the coolest Facebook Check In of the year – No 10 Downing Street! No, I wasn’t peering down the street from the heavy black fortified gates but actually in the street, standing outside the door. THE DOOR!! Then I was inside. Pretty Cool eh?

I suppose I had better tell you what I was doing there, not angling to be PM as some of my misguided Facebook friends seem to assume, but something a lot worthier. Representing small businesses and, in particular, my small business. All part of a grass roots campaign called Small Business Saturday, something I have supported and been involved in for a few years and something I have been banging on about to my fellow small business owners for the past 18 months.

Back to No 10. I had to leave my phone at the door, just pick a number and slide your phone in one of many wooden slots. A lovely lady took my coat and as I was in. Walking up the stairs past the portraits and photographs of all the Prime Ministers was an awesome experience, only slightly blighted by the Pointer Sisters in my head singing ‘Jump’ – only fans of Love Actually will understand the relevance. The reception room was set out with small tables so we could display our lovely products. The reception started at 1pm, the room filled with other small business owners, with catering staff circulating with canapes and drinks. It was over way too soon. I spoke to a lot of other business owners and one thing is clear, we all love what we do – the freedom, the passion was all there in spades.

Afterwards there was just enough time for a quick photo outside that famous door and it was all over. Except it isn’t, supporting small businesses is something I feel that the whole nation should get behind. Yes, I accept that sitting in your living room, ordering mass-produced stuff from the Far East in your pyjamas can be convenient, even cheaper, but you don’t get the authenticity, you can’t talk to the person that produces that ‘thing’ and you certainly won’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you have supported a local business.

So why not make a conscience decision to support the small businesses near you. Start with me, if you like, see how you get on…