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Random Acts of Kindness Day

By 17th February 2018Recipes

 Random Acts of Kindness Day

Did you know that today (17th February) is Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Acts come in two categories, the ones you plan and the one that move you in the moment, mine is planned as I will be making scones and taking them over to some new neighbours to say welcome.

If you would like to do that same I will give you my recipe.


250g low fat yogurt

25ml double cream

400g plain flour

2tsp cream of tartar

1 tsp bicorb of soda

½ tsp of sea salt

50g cold unsalted butter, diced

yogurt to brush the tops.


Preheat the oven to 220C, or 200 fan, or gas mark 7

Stir the cream, yogurt and sugar together and leave for a few minutes for the sugar to dissolve

Sift the flour, cream of tartar, bicarb and salt in a large mixing bowl and lightly rub in the butter

Stir the yogurt mixture in the flour and gently mix until you get a sticky dough

Place the dough on a floured surface, flour the top then pat down to a thickness of about 3cm, then cut the scones with a 6cm cutter and place on a lined baking tray

Brush the tops with some of your yogurt mix and bake for 12-14 minutes.

Plain and simple, but a base to try out whatever flavour takes your fancy

How about:

Ginger and apple


Red chilli and tomato

Onion herb and bacon



Blueberry scones



The possibilities are endless, as is random acts of kindness.  If scones are not your thing then maybe something as simple as giving a random stranger a compliment, pay for someone’s parking!!

Whatever you chose to do, don’t just confine it to one day.

Fruit Scones

The phrase Random Acts of Kindness is attributed to Anne Herbert who wrote it on a placemat in Sausalito, California is 1982.