What we do in the Blue Moose Kitchen


Blue Moose Kitchen is here to provide fun affordable baking gifts for all occasions. Our kits contain all you need to have fun with friends and family making fabulous creations with ease

Handmade in the Lakes from contemporary and traditional recipes that have been handed down from three generations of Lakeland kitchen baking.

Who is behind the Blue Moose Kitchen?

Meet The Creator.

Marian Graveson

Blue Moose Kitchen was established by Marian Graveson, a classically trained pastry chef, with a desire to bring the fun of her Lakeland kitchen into your home. She has combined the enjoyment of baking with family and friends and gift packaged the ingredients you need to get started into the innovative Blue Moose products you see today (minus the wet stuff)

“When you bake something for someone, it’s an act of love”

All our Blue Moose Kitchen products are designed to make baking easy and fun, they make unusual delicious gifts for the people in your life. Beautifully packaged in reusable, practical storage jars, or recyclable cardboard they contain all you need to keep family and friends entertained.

Our traditional recipes come from three generations of Lakeland kitchen bakers and our contemporary recipes combine this heritage with some of today’s exciting flavours.

Our Ethos

Making Baking Easy and Fun.

Some of our testers are children, which we think is important because they are good customers of ours

We strive to bring you innovative gifts that have roots in the traditional with some modern twists. Whether you are looking for gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Date Nights, Mother’s Day or simply to have fun in the kitchen, we believe that this should be within everybody’s reach. Our fun, affordable baking kits, with the distinctive Blue Moose label, will solve any of your gift dilemmas.


Okay, You’ve Heard Enough About Us

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