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Why Blue Moose?

By 16th January 2016News
Brake for Moose

It’s a question I get asked a lot.  Why Blue Moose? It’s a good question, I mean Cumbria is not renowned for its Moose, blue or otherwise.

So here I go.  I love Moose, it’s been a passion that has endured over many years, and they are in my opinion the most beautiful of animals, very distinctive, a little comical even. They look dependable, yes, you can definitely rely on a Moose.

Visitors to the Blue Moose Kitchen will notice a smattering of Moose.  From the measuring spoons to mugs, but not too much that it has tipped into an obsession (I can hear the laughing from those who really know). It’s not my fault, when people know you like a Moose it opens the floodgates for Moose related gifts, gadgets and all things in-between. This Christmas alone saw a moose cushion, moose cards, moose decorations and even a moose, not a real one but still big enough. And I love every single one of them.

Truth is, I’ve never seen one in the wild.  Plenty of stuffed and mounted ones on my travels to Canada and the USA, but despite looking really hard, no sign.

It remains at the top of my bucket list.