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Why Vegan Baking Kits?

Why make vegan baking kits?

It’s a good question, why indeed?

It all started when I was asked by a customer if I had any vegan baking recipes. She had tried, but cupcakes were eluding her. “What a good idea,” I thought and resolved to leap into action as soon as I had completed my then-current project, the Rocky Road baking kit.

Fast forward another couple of months and a good friend of mine, who just happens to be a vegetarian, asked the same thing.  Both these people were looking for a recipe to make cupcakes for their vegan friends.  Interesting …

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of pre-made vegan cakes you can buy in the shops, but nothing beats making from scratch with good quality, known ingredients and no added ‘nasties’.

So, this became my next project. I am delighted to announce that the intensive research, testing and tasting phase of the project is complete, and my vegetarian friends and colleagues have declared themselves very pleased with the result!

So, whether you are new to vegan baking or want to treat your family and friends, my Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing is a perfect place to start. It’s a complete kit, which means you can start baking the moment you open the box. No looking for any extra ingredients, all you need to add is water. The kit comes with 12 cupcake cases, a cake tester and clear instructions.